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The gamevoid Vision

The GameVoid Official is now proudly introduced to the Pakistani gaming community. A community that has a huge talent pool for gaming, with little exposure and opportunities to global and local events alike. The GameVoid is a platform that aims to provide the deserved opportunities to talented e-sports players and bring them up on the ladder of recognition. The Vision, is to establish gaming leagues, tournaments, and events for the competitive, massively played online e-games, and the famous survival battle arenas as well


We heard your need of gaming exposure and opportunities across all of Pakistan. Our vision, like any, starts off small, and gradually grows into the largest community. The GameVoid vision is to transform into a trademark representation of Pakistani e-gaming. Through the successful venture with a guided vision, Pakistan will hold international e-gaming events and bring a huge growth in the e-gaming sector, in our very own gaming arenas. We aim to develop our own games for the world to witness! How cool does that sound?

All of this starts with you! The vision of our fans, supporters, gamers, and everybody else

We hope to spread the vision with your help, throughout the gaming lands of Pakistan, and make this dream into a reality. The future is near, and it is possible.