The GameVoid & The Vision

Let us take you through a journey of questions by our fans to know more about us:

What is The GameVoid?

The GameVoid Official is a platform for gaming and anime that provides the Pakistani and Global community of gamers, fans, otakus, weebs, supporters, and people alike with opportunities such as:

  • Gaming and anime merchandises

  • Gaming and anime events

  • E-Sports tournaments & leagues

  • Gaming and anime community platform (Through facebook and instagram)

  • Soon to launch: A gaming and anime developing studio to create global standard video games and anime

That sounds interesting. What kind of games, events, and merchandise do you offer?

The GameVoid aims to provide sponsored and/or unsponsored gaming and anime events that will give the opportunities for gamers/anime fans to join together in a community, and showcase their skills to Pakistan, and the world!

How will they showcase their skills and come together as a community?

Events will be held virtually, as well as at physical locations throughout the major places of Pakistan. Gamers will be able to meet others and participate in competitive E-Sports online games both available at the comfort of their homes as well as events held at gaming arenas. Anime events will also be held to showcase to the world that Pakistan is right behind the international gaming and anime community

Whats in it for us?

The gamers will be able to

  • Participate in sponsored and/or unsponsored tournaments all around Pakistan

  • Meet other gamers and join them to form a big gaming community

  • To improve and showcase their skills in the different, mass played online games and their tournaments & leagues

  • To be a part of something bigger, a nation-wide community

  • To receive prizes, free giveaways, discounts on events, store merchandise and much more!

The Anime fans will be able to:

  • Participate in sponsored and/or unsponsored animecon/ anime events all around Pakistan

  • Meet other anime fans and join them to form a big community

  • To showcase their unrivaled love for anime

  • To receive prizes, free giveaways, discounts on events, store merchandise and much more!

What is “The Vision”?

The GameVoid Vision is now proudly introduced to the Pakistani gaming community. A community that has a huge talent pool for gaming, with little exposure and opportunities to global and local events alike. The GameVoid is a platform that aims to provide the deserved opportunities to talented e-sports players and bring them up on the ladder of recognition. The Vision, is to establish gaming leagues, tournaments, and events for the competitive, massively played online e-games, and the famous survival battle arenas as well

We heard your need of gaming exposure and opportunities across all of Pakistan. Our vision, like any, starts off small, and gradually grows into the largest community. The GameVoid vision is to transform into a trademark representation of Pakistani e-gaming and anime. Through the successful venture with a guided vision, Pakistan will hold international e-gaming and anime events and bring a huge growth in this sector, in our very own event arenas. We aim to develop our own games and anime for the world to witness! How cool does that sound?

All of this starts with you! The vision of our fans, supporters, gamers, and people

We hope to spread the vision with your help, throughout the gaming lands of Pakistan, and make this dream into a reality. The future is near, and it is possible.