Campus Ambassadors

The GameVoid Official seeks to have the best of the best as our campus ambassadors. These fans, supporters, and gamers are loyal to The Vision and are a huge part of The GameVoid community! Our ambassadors earn great perks, and prizes as they live the high VISION life.

Want to be an ambassador? Find out how:

Our list of ambassadors:

  • Hassan Salman - Army Public College, Wah

  • Bassam Ahmed - Air University, Islamabad

  • Naveera Nafees - COMSATS, Islamabad

  • Moeez Khalid - GIKI, Topi

  • Hamza Malik - Bahria University, Islamabad

  • Shayan Rizwan - Fazaia Medical College, Islamabad

  • Zohaib Ahmed - Foundation University, Rawalpindi

  • Abdul Rehman - Riphah University, Islamabad

  • Mohammaed Mustajab - Allama Iqbal Open University, Islamabad

  • Zaid bin Tahir - FAST NUCES, Islamabad

  • Abdullah Akram - Riphah University, Islamabad