Pubg Mobile Tournament Form


Tournament details

Squads Entered: 15 SQUADS

Prize Pool: 15000 Rupees

Entry Fee: 400 Rupees


Prizes: Top 3 - Cash Prizes,

Top 4 - 10 (Bonus Prizes)

Registration Deadline: 15 October

Tournament Rules & Format

*Tournament prize pool can be changed due to change in the expected amount of squads registered

  • Group stages will be followed with each group having best of two matches. Top five (5) squads of each group will qualify to the knockout stages.

  • Knockout stage will be of the top five (5) squads from each group battling in one tournament room match.

  • Group stages points will be decided on the following format for each group match:

    • First squad will be awarded 25 points. Points will be decremented by 1 on each position of the squad

    • Each kill contains 1 point

    • The total points for each squad will be the points on their position (out of 25) + the number of points by their kills

      Ex: A squad obtaining 5th position and 10 kills will have total points of 20 + 10 = 30 points for that match

  • The top five (5) squads with the most accumulated points in two matches will qualify for the knockout stages

  • The top three (3) squads of the knockout stages will receive the cash prizes. Moreover the top ten (4 - 10) will receive bonus prizes as discounts, free giveaways, and/or event coupons

  • HACKING is intolerable and not allowed in our hosted events. The GameVoid team will be strictly monitoring all squad for any sort of cheating behavior. Any squad caught will be disqualified and banned from any future events immediately.

  • Hacking includes use of unfair means as ESP, Aimbots, Wall hacks, High jumps, and any other sort of hacks of the like.

  • A squad complaint will be entertained against hacking with the following two conditions

    • A squad provides proof of the opponent squad that is involved in hacking/ unfair means/ cheating.

    • The GameVoid team will decide the course of action in case of no proof provided by either squads (if any)

  • MOBILE & EMULATOR are two separate tournaments.

  • For any query, please write to us in the additional message on the form on the right side


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Preferred Servers
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Preferred Map
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